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Thorsten Otto schrieb:

> On Mittwoch, 2. Januar 2019 13:17:11 CET Vincent Rivière wrote:
>> Official Hatari binaries are built with MinGW, they are plain Win32,
>> there is no Cygwin stuff.
> Yes, but that does not stop you from invoking a cygwin shell, and run Hatari 
> from there. 

Yes, but which advantage do you gain from running a non-Cygwin program
from the Cygwin shell?

> And if symlinks don't work, it might be possible to edit the 
> config file instead, and enter the device name there.

While \\?\PhysicalDriveN can be put into the config file and Hatari will
access the file, it fails with...

Can not use HD image file
since the file is empty.

I guess that whatever method Hatari uses for determining file size does
not work with Windows devices. The alternative name \\.\PhysicalDriveN
fails with...

Unable to get size of HD image file

.... instead, suggesting that Hatari incorrectly normalizes the path,
removing the ".\".

> Also it might be difficult to find out the correct 
> devicename, i'm not sure whether they are displayed in the device manager.

Correct place to look for that device name is diskmgmt.msc. (Disk

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