Re: [hatari-devel] Access to physical disks

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On Mittwoch, 2. Januar 2019 13:17:11 CET Vincent Rivière wrote:
> Official Hatari binaries are built with MinGW, they are plain Win32,
> there is no Cygwin stuff.

Yes, but that does not stop you from invoking a cygwin shell, and run Hatari 
from there. And if symlinks don't work, it might be possible to edit the 
config file instead, and enter the device name there.

>Stuff like \\?\PhysicalDrive2 and running with Administrator privileges 
>may work, I have never tried yet.

Didn't try it either, but theoretically, it should work. Of course i would 
only try that with some removable device that can easily be reconstructed, not 
with the real HD. Also it might be difficult to find out the correct 
devicename, i'm not sure whether they are displayed in the device manager.

>I vaguely remember that I had byteswap trouble. 

Since some time, Hatari also has a byteswap option just like Aranym, one of 
the settings should work in either case. I'm currently using that with an 
image that i use for both Aranym and Hatari, and which i can also directly 
mount under linux without having to swap it first. Very handy.

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