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On 01/01/2019 à 18:30, Thorsten Otto wrote:
It doesn't work on Windows (too bad since my main computer is a W10 machine
so I need another computer just to make that transfer)

Maybe same there, assuming you have cygwin installed, and your filesystem is
NTFS. If you add a line "CYGWIN=winsymlinks:nativestrict" in your script that
starts the shell, you can create symlinks there, too. Device names on Window
are then something like //?/PhysicalDrive2

Official Hatari binaries are built with MinGW, they are plain Win32, there is no Cygwin stuff. Hence CYGWIN variable will have no effect. Stuff like \\?\PhysicalDrive2 and running with Administrator privileges may work, I have never tried yet.

This is why I always rebuild Hatari for Cygwin, to get UNIX facilities on Windows. Then I can happily use devices /dev/sda3 as disk devices (by running with Administrator privileges). Actually, I don't remember well. I vaguely remember that I had byteswap trouble. To be tested again.

Vincent Rivière

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