Re: [hatari-devel] Access to physical disks

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On Mittwoch, 2. Januar 2019 15:02:36 CET Christian Zietz wrote:
> Yes, but which advantage do you gain from running a non-Cygwin program
> from the Cygwin shell?

It was only an idea, because you cannot select devices in the gui, but you 
might be able to select a symlink in your direectory. And for that it must be 
a real symlink of the filesystem, not some shell shortcut file, or a cygwin 
special symlink that a MinGW program does not recognize.

>Can not use HD image file '\\?\PhysicalDrive1' since the file is empty.

Too bad, i guess Hatari just does a stat() there and looks at the filesize. 
Getting the real device size is however very system dependent. Best you could 
do is try the old open/seek-to-end-of-file approach.

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