Re: [hatari-devel] New drive image settings

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> Yes, maybe ... but does it really matter? It's just a string...
> (actually I wonder whether the ID should be encoder there at all, since
> you would not expect a change of the string just because it is
> connected to a different port of the bus)

I agree, it's better to not code the ID in the device name. Actually, if
there is a tool that for some reason remembers the device name (I think
GEMAR even does this in its config files, but I'm not sure), changing the
name will cause a problem.

> I've played with the settings there a little bit (you've mentioned 16
> bytes, not 1 byte), but it did not help. So currently this is not
> emulated yet, since I did not find the right setting yet. If you want
> to have a try, have a look at the dma_check() function in ncr5380.c.

Can you provide a drive image I can reproduce this problem with?

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