[hatari-devel] New drive image settings

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I have some questions regarding the new drive image settings.

1. SCSI is limited to device IDs 0-6, even though ID 7 is valid. In
practice, as long as none of the connected drives requires the computer
to support initiator identification, one can connect 8 drives to Atari
SCSI. Even with active initiator identification the computer must not have
ID 7, even though this is the usual setting. But a different assignment is
legal, and in such a case ID 7 can be used by a peripheral.
2. Rather exotic: What about supporting 4 IDE ports, i.e. 8 devices? There
is (or at least was) hardware for the Atari supporting this:
http://www.atarikit.co.uk/ide/ide.html. Alan confirmed (I assume he tested
it) that you can stack this hardware to get more ports, which can then
be used with HDDRIVER, where 4 ports are supported.
3. Thomas, some time ago you mentioned problems with the Falcon SCSI
emulation. Were you able to resolve them?

Best regards


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