Re: [hatari-devel] Lethal Xcess load state

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Le 26/06/2018 à 03:33, Thorsten Otto a écrit :
On Sonntag, 24. Juni 2018 00:21:58 CEST Nicolas Pomarède wrote:
I don't know, this code is there since early version of Hatari. I agree
saving tos path can be seen as redundant if you want to send the
snapshot to someone else. But in the case you want to reload it on your
PC and keep the paths in all the fileselectors, it can be useful.

Something that could help in this matter is to do something similar to what
Aranym does when reading/writing paths: use symbolic names. In Aranym, every
path that is not absolute is treated as relative to the config directory. A
leading tilde is expanded to the users home directory, a leading "*" is
replaced by the data directory etc. That avoids having absolute paths in the
config file in most cases.


yes, that could be an option ; but even with relative path, the problem might be that not everyone name the tos file in the same way, so there would still be a warning about a tos file that could not be found.

But in fact, in think it's an error to check for the tos file when loading a memory snapshot ; the tos image is already saved in the memory snapshot, checking its presence on disk is not necessary.


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