Re: [hatari-devel] New SYNC release. New Hatari bugs found ;)

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Le 04/11/2017 à 12:48, Troed Sångberg a écrit :
Well this is strange. GEMDOS HD emulation works fine here - the intro is "TOS clean" and definitely doesn't care about cartridges :) HD access works fine from AS within Hatari with that.

Will make more tests, maybe I did sthg wrong.

I use the same hatari.cfg for dev version with the memory problem and Hatari v2.0 where there's no memory problem. I never use the patch for faster boot (but I do use the Timer D option, not knowing what it does actually). But now I have more info. The problem only happens when my Hatari cfg is set to STE and 4MB ram, and I change to ST and 1MB ram and don't save the new settings but just let Hatari do a reset. With TOS 2.06 not even the Atari logo is then visible because of the wrong video base.

Saving the settings and restarting Hatari works however.

I can provoke this easily by doing:

hatari -s 4 --machine ST

(with TOS 2.06, visible Atari logo)

enter settings, change to 1MB ram, let Hatari reset itself automatically. No TOS logo.

If you cannot reproduce then maybe it's in the mac UI somehow?

It's OK, I can reproduce it with your description ; the problem is in the memory bank mapping of the MMU. For some reasons after the reboot it uses 1 MB for bank0 and nothing for bank1 (which in fact means 128 KB, hence your values) instead of using 2 banks of 512 KB as it's the case after a clean boot in STF+1MB mode.

I will look to fix this today.


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