Re: [hatari-devel] New SYNC release. New Hatari bugs found ;)

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Le 04/11/2017 à 00:12, Troed Sångberg a écrit :
Hi list,

I've been hacking away at the Audio Sculpture v1.5 beta image the last week, and released a SYNC version of it tonight:


cool, I was also thinking that a file version would be nice.

During the final testing I discovered two issues in Hatari.

1) In the current dev versions, but not in Hatari 2.0, something's wrong with memory detection in ST mode. $42e (memtop) becomes 00 22 00 00 when I test with 512KB or 1MB RAM size, and from that follows that $44e (video mem address) becomes 00 21 80 00. If you try to boot the image above on 1MB ST with Hatari dev you should get nothing on screen due to that.

I can't reproduce :(
For example, I run "hatari -s 1" and I get the correct value 100000 and f8000. I tested in STF mode, which machine type/TOS did you use ? Also can you check in System settings that "boot faster by patching tos" is not not checked or if it makes a difference ?

Can you reproduce it if you temporarily remove hatari.cfg to use the default values ? (and add -s 1 , --machine, ...)

BTW, I noticed that intro will crash if I boot Hatari with Gemdos HD emulation enabled ; as this uses a specific cartdridge at $FA0000, maybe some code from the protection is still present and check that $FA0000 is used ? If so, this could be removed from AS (AS won't use HD, but at least you can get HD enabled in Hatari ; the crack of AS 1.4 made by the replicants works if HD is on :) )

2) In TT mode (68030/16/MMU is what I tested) I had no issues until I added my intro, and then something really strange happened. It's been tested not to happen on real hw, but this issue is the same on Hatari v2.0 and current dev versions it seems. This is in the Audio Sculpture code, so something changes in the emulation from when I only loaded the AS binaries compared to when running the (TOS friendly) intro beforehand as well. But, on real hw it's fine.

Will look at this later.


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