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>> Yes, it's possible to compile hatari with sdl1, but for OSX it seems
>> the general opinion is that SDL1 is not performing correctly
>> performance-wise under OSX.
> It still work pretty well under 10.5/PPC, not x86. My latest build for
> PPC is really usable, using an old version of SDL1.2
> But SDL1.2 x86 have performance issues.
> BUT MacOs GUI cannot be build now under 10.5, too much deprecated
> function have benn replaced, so, no MacOsX GUI for SDL1.2/PPC. So You
> can forget SDL1 for MacOsX build.
> Long time aggo, I added conditional build code for SDL1/SDL2, making
> specifing SDL2 option hidden for SDL1. Do not know if it's still here.
> The same was done for new/old core.
> I think that now only SDL2/New Core have any interest ?
I agree. Thus my last diff file can be applied.
Xcode 8.3 can compile for 10.6 and following. I am going to verify it for Hatari.


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