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Nicolas Pomarède schrieb:

> I think it's properly emulated, it's just that the blitter copy in that 
> case takes less than 64 bus cycles, so there's no need to restart the 
> blitter a 2nd time in non hog mode

No, what I meant is that even when according to Atari docs I had to
restart the Blitter but didn't, the result on Hatari should match the
one real hardware. Which it currently doesn't as you know.

Anyway, I have added code to restart the Blitter if needed to BLITEMU
and the results stay the same on my STE. Also, a counter that I added as
well shows that the Blitter didn't require a restart to copy 10 words.

I don't want to constantly bother Roger to test on his Falcon;
especially since I suspect that also there my error -- not testing
whether a restart is required -- doesn't have any consequences in this
particular test program.

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