Re: [hatari-devel] Blitter emulation corner case

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On 15 May 2017 at 18:59, Christian Zietz wrote:

> Nicolas Pomarède schrieb:
> > Either data caches should be disabled before running the test program
> > (from GEM preferences if this exist ? or some utilities might already do
> > it), or the following code could be added to Christian's program to make
> > a falcon specific version :
> > [...]
> Ah, fooled by too modern a CPU. ;-) In my RAM tester YAART I already
> even have code for invalidating the 68030 cache. This makes use of the
> fact that the cache is only 16 lines with direct mapping, so you can
> invalidate all of them by 16 reads to the right addresses. This method
> has the advantage of running on a 68000, so you don't have to test for a
> 68030 before.
Ironic, since I had previously posted a message about cache invalidation for
the blitter (to the EmuTOS list).

> Roger, can you please repeat your test on the Falcon, as soon as I have
> finished the changes to the test program?


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