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On 05/28/2016 08:05 PM, Thomas Huth wrote:
FYI, I've now committed a change that allows to select "Mega ST" and
"Mega STE" machine types now. The RTC option is gone - just like with
the real machines, the RTC is only available with the Mega ST/Mega STE
machine type now.

I noticed that in "if"s in:
- clocks_timings.c
- ioMem.c
- video.c

You didn't use the isMachine*() inline functions
you had added in the previous commit.  Was there
some reason for this?

In the System settings dialog, would it look better
to list machine types like this (names aligned):
o ST
o ST (Mega)
o STE (Mega)
o TT
o Falcon

Instead of current:
o ST
o Mega ST
o Mega STE
o TT
o Falcon

I thought about this for a while ... and maybe it would be best to move
all CPU related options into a separate dialog? With the WinUAE core,
we've got now plenty of CPU options, so they would justify a dialog on
their own, wouldn't they? Then we would also have space in the "System"
dialog again, where you could put in new options like the wakeup state
settings, I think (we could place them in a box labeled "Advanced
settings" there, so it is clear that they should only be touched by
people who know what they are doing ;-)).

But the main problem is maybe rather: How to add another button to the
main dialog, without disturbing the nice 3x4 button raster that we
currently have?

Add the advanced CPU options button to the System dialog,
not to the main one.

	- Eero

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