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Le 28/05/2016 à 19:05, Thomas Huth a écrit :

I thought about this for a while ... and maybe it would be best to move
all CPU related options into a separate dialog? With the WinUAE core,
we've got now plenty of CPU options, so they would justify a dialog on
their own, wouldn't they? Then we would also have space in the "System"
dialog again, where you could put in new options like the wakeup state
settings, I think (we could place them in a box labeled "Advanced
settings" there, so it is clear that they should only be touched by
people who know what they are doing ;-)).

But the main problem is maybe rather: How to add another button to the
main dialog, without disturbing the nice 3x4 button raster that we
currently have?

I think we can have 2 options :
- keep all cpu options in another dialog and use free space for wakeup states and other new options ; so, split between cpu and others

- have a "simplified" settings window with some cpu settings (the most common ones, maybe just the choice of cpu and accuracy) and some other options ; and then have an advanced settings, with cpu related settings (24/32 bit addressing, maybe cache or not) and some video settings (wakeup states for example) ; so, split between common/simple options and advanced options.

Maybe the 2nd way would be clearer and less confusing for average users, but I have no string opinion, both have pros and cons.


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