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On 05/13/2016 11:13 PM, Nicolas Pomarède wrote:
Le 13/05/2016 21:41, Thomas Huth a écrit :
The differences between STE and Mega STE (and also between ST and Mega
ST) seem to pop up every couple of months... So just a thought for
discussion: Should we maybe finally introduce the Mega ST and the Mega
STE as real selectable machine types in Hatari?

Mega STE is already available as machine type in the sources thanks to
some work of Nicolas in the past already, so this just (?) needs to be
added to the GUI,

GUI stuff can be added after cli settings for these
have stabilized.

and we've got to do some more fine-tuning like the
difference between joypad ports vs. the DIP switches. (Can somebody
list all other differences between the two machines?)

Mega ST ... we could maybe define this as ST + Blitter + RTC, and then
get rid of the selectable Blitter and RTC options in the GUI. These two
options were also often causing confusion in the past: Users wondered
for example why they could not enable the Blitter for the TT machine
type (or disable it for STE or Falcon) that way. The only disadvantage
would be that you could not emulate a plain ST with a blitter
anymore... would that be an issue for anybody?

IMHO removing separate (ST) blitter option is fine.
I've never heard anybody to use/need it.

RTC is different matter.  It's useful for any machine type,
for emulated machine to have correct date/time (at least
at boot).

yes, I also thought that adding plain selection for megastf/megaste
would be a nice addition, even if the corresponding machines differ only
by a few HW changes, it's easier to select for the user.

As for removing blitter and rtc option, maybe they could be moved under
a new system/advanced setting windows ? It could be useful to some
people for prototyping to be able to test under emulation what a real st
would give with blitter/rtc and emutos for example (I know emutos people
are often testing all the HW combination) ?

A system/advanced window could also include the new wakeup state
settings that I'm actually developping and more generely "hide" any
really advanced option that normal users should not have to bother about
(such as 24/32 bit addressing too)

So, if someone feels like adding a system/advanced window, I have plenty
of things to move in it :)

Are they really needed in the SDL GUI, isn't cli
option enough for them?

	- Eero

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