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Le 13/05/2016 22:50, Eero Tamminen a écrit :

Are they really needed in the SDL GUI, isn't cli
option enough for them?

I don't think, many people run Hatari from windows / osx and will complain the settings are not in the UI.

The SDL UI has some limitation compared to a a more modern UI using gtk/qt for example, and it can be complicated to mix different font sizes in the UI to get more options on screen or have some "tabs" like windows to get more readability, but I think than whenever possible we should try to have as many UI conterparts as possible for cli only options (going to debugger to change options or restarting hatari with the correct option is not always user friendly ; even in my case when I know how to do it, I'm sometimes "frustrated" when the UI equivalent doesn't exists :) )


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