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Jerome, Thomas,

I have tried my USB joystick (Atari CX-40 plugged into 2600-daptor II) and it works without a problem in Hatari. I tried it in a PD game (Attack Wave) and the joystick worked as expected. Before the preferences change was made, I already tested the joystick in other games so I am not concerned that it would stop working based on the simple code change. The preferences menu item also appears correctly.


Thank you for “blindly” making the change to support the SDL2 method of detecting the joystick. That permits the Preferences menu item to work.


Thank you for making the changes to the OS X preferences menu item. I tested the SDL2 options and they were correctly saved to my config file and matched what I saw in the SDL menu. I also removed the Cmd-M shortcut so the mouse capture command works without minimizing the window. Since the Cmd-, shortcut is now working, I left that shortcut alone. I do not have a strong opinion as to whether the SDL2 options should be hidden if you are running SDL1.

At this point, I am guessing that SDL2 might be the default compiling option for the next stable version of Hatari. The OS X version of SDL 1.2 is so buggy that it makes sense to use SDL2. I do hope that 2.0.4 is released prior to the next Hatari release. Otherwise, there could be support requests from people having problems with Hatari because of the bugs in the stable version of 2.0.3. 

Unlike when Miguel suggested cleaning up the deprecated warnings a year ago, I do not see a big problem with limiting the OS X GUI to those people running 10.8 or later. Hopefully, we could provide an SDL menu-only option for those users who are limited to an older version of OS X. Troed might have a different opinion since he has been handling the compilation of the stable OS X binary. Those users might have to use SDL1 depending on the system requirements for SDL2.

I did notice that loading a new configuration file does not change the FPU setting. If I change that setting in one configuration and load a new config file, that value is not reset back to the default. I consider that a very minor problem since I do not know how many people will even use that setting.

Once the Cmd-M keyboard shortcut is removed, I do not see any items remaining on my SDL2 issue list. It is probably in good enough shape for me to use it as my normal Hatari version so I can see if any other problems appear.

Depending on the response of other people, I can create a diff file of the changes made to PrefsController.h and PrefsController.m if you do not have time to do that. Those appear to be the only files (other than the NIB) that have been changed.


Is the FPU working in the WinUAE CPU? I only ask because Sysinfo did not see an FPU. Again, I feel this is a minor concern since I do not even know how many applications supported the FPU. I am sure some application software (CAD?) supported the FPU, but I would be surprised if that software is still used by people in 2015.

I am sorry for the long post.

> On Nov 29, 2015, at 11:14 AM, Jerome Vernet <vernet.jerome@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Le 29/11/2015 07:27, Thomas Huth a écrit :
>> Am Sat, 28 Nov 2015 23:28:23 -0600
>> schrieb Bob Carpenter <hatari@xxxxxxxxxx>:
>>> I have noticed that the OS X preferences window will not work if I
>>> have a joystick/gamepad plugged in. The SDL menu still works and
>>> shows the gamepad or joystick. However, if I leave the joystick
>>> unplugged and start Hatari, then the OS X preferences window appears.
>>> I tried my CX-40 with the 2600-daptor II and my USB Nyko gamepad that
>>> I use for my normal Mac gaming. I see the same results with both the
>>> Atari joystick and the Nyko gamepad.
>> I think there's at least a bug in PrefsController.m: The
>> SDL_JoystickName() function changed between SDL1 and SDL2 and now takes
>> a joystick structure instead of an ID as parameter.
>> So the SDL_JoystickName() in PrefsController.m should likely be replaced
>> by Joy_GetName() now instead. Since it's a trivial change, I've dared
>> to do this "blindly" (since I don't have an OS X to test). Could you
>> please check whether this still compiles properly and maybe now makes a
>> difference?
> It's compiling, but I do not have any USB joystick to test.
> gui-osx here:
> -added SDL2 Options (do I really need to make thel unselectable/hidden
> if not in SDL2 build ?)
> -removed cmd-F for Full Screen
> -used Hatari function Joy_GetName() instead SDL_JoystickName()
> -some code cleanup to get ride of some "Deprecated Warning". But now,
> Hatari OSX Gui can only be build for 10.8 and up.
> JV

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