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a few regressions have been found in 1.9.0 and the current development version.

1. The new demo by Ghost / Phalanx (yes, THAT Phalanx) released this weekend works flawlessly on 1.8.0 and on real hardware. But on 1.9.0 it would seem like the top border screws up now and then which in return takes the rest with it (it's a fullscreen). In the current dev version (from nov 3 that Bob compiled) the problem is the same, but much more severe. The dev-version uses the new WinUAE core.

Demozoo: http://demozoo.org/productions/148711/

2. In Hatari 1.9.0 When video recording the new demo by Spiceboys, the recording ends after the 3D-polygon screen (just before the Sinatra picture). The demo switches to medres at that time which could affect it. I got Hatari max size to 832*624 so the med/low thing shouldn't matter as the frames are the same size. In 1.8.0 this works fine. In the currect dev-version it seems to work as well. So it's a regression of 1.9.0 that is perhaps fixed now. Not sure if it's worth looking at anymore.

Demozoo: http://demozoo.org/productions/148713/

3. No regression, but a progression! Zorro / Ghost have a retina Macbook and the performance have been dreadful for Hatari. It's a quadcore i7 with Nvidia 650 (I think) and it doesn't stand a chance to show Hatari without major frameskips. But now with Bobs SDL2 build, it runs fluid on the retina. Yehoo. There are many other issues with SDL2, but the performance is at least going the right way.

4. I noticed that the current build from Nov 3 is a lot slower than 1.9.0 (and lower) to render a BMP AVI-stream. Perhaps it's just a matter of optimizations setting for the build.

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