Re: [hatari-devel] STF/STE using WinUAE CPU in prefetch mode -> CE mode available

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Le 04/11/2015 00:12, Laurent Sallafranque a écrit :
Tonight tests : STe 1Mo, tos 1.62 Fr, cycle exact

Dune demos : OK   ;)
Brain damage : OK
Frantic demo : OK
Insomnia demo : OK
Mental hanghover : KO (double bus error, was generating infinite errors
on hatari_oldCPU)
                          maybe my copy is broken or maybe this is a new
candidate for debugging, I don't know.

mental hangover is an STE demo, so you need to use tos 1.6 2 for example, else you get all those bus errors.

Drone (4 Mb min) : OK but the last effect with stars sprites shows
gliches on the right of the screen (all other overscan effects don't)

bugs in the demo, see Anders mail in the photochrome thread.

thanks for testing


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