Re: [hatari-devel] STF/STE using WinUAE CPU in prefetch mode -> CE mode available

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I've tested more demos, everything was OK.
All tests done with Tos 1.04 fr on a stf 1 Mo.

Cuddly demo
overscan demo
vodka demos
some DUNE demos
Just buggin

For Illusion demo, it seems that my copy was corrupted.

So, everything seems to work well now.

I haven't tested STe specific demos, should I ?



Le 01/11/2015 23:46, Nicolas Pomarède a écrit :
Le 01/11/2015 23:05, Laurent Sallafranque a écrit :
Hi Nicolas,

That's a great news.

I wasn't at home these last days, but I can start a campaign of tests now.

So, I've started a first test:

St(f) mode, 1 Mo, Tos french 1.04 cycle exact, real time clock
emulation, no patch, no blitter, no boot faster ... 24 bits mode

I've launched dark side of the spoon.
In the very first overscan (with purple, green and pink bubbles
scrolling) the last 16 bits seems broken sometimes (they become green)
and the 3 lower lines of the screen are full of pixel glitches.

Are you sure this was not present before ? the last pixels of an overscan line are usually altered by the hi/lo stabilizer switch, and Hatari seems to display 2 more lines than most STF, but this didn't change since a while. (DSOTS was part of my reference list of demos to add CE mode, so I'm pretty sure it works correctly)

I'll continue my tests.

I use the N-1 latest source (without Thomas 's VDI mode patch)

PS: I'm impatient for the 030 Cycle exact modes ;)
And you can wount on me for the tests of this part ;)

I think adding correct cycle for each memory access should give interesting results. We'll see that later.

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