Re: [hatari-devel] Hard disk emulation (device files) issues

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On 02/11/15 08:53, Uwe Seimet wrote:
> Hi,
>> You don't really expect the ACSI bus that has been designed in the 1980s
>> to work with a hard disk that is multiple TB big, do you?
> Actually, there is no technical reason why this would not work out of
> the box. With SATA drives connected to the Falcon it works, with the
> same drive it works with Hatari and the SCSI Driver (see attachment),
> and this is actually not different from a regular ACSI or SCSI setup.
> Of course, in practice these setups are unlikely. But this is just about
> what's technically possible.
>> I doubt that the ACSI commands can handle such big disks (and IIRC
>> Hatari does not emulated extended SCSI commands for such things yet).
> With an ICD compatible adapter you can use any SCSI command with ACSI,
> it only requires some more SCSI commands to be emulated.

Yes, but I guess that Hatari still lacks some necessary commands. Have
you tried starting Hatari with "--trace scsi" to see whether there's
some useful information in the debug output?


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