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> You don't really expect the ACSI bus that has been designed in the 1980s
> to work with a hard disk that is multiple TB big, do you?

Actually, there is no technical reason why this would not work out of
the box. With SATA drives connected to the Falcon it works, with the
same drive it works with Hatari and the SCSI Driver (see attachment),
and this is actually not different from a regular ACSI or SCSI setup.
Of course, in practice these setups are unlikely. But this is just about
what's technically possible.

> I doubt that the ACSI commands can handle such big disks (and IIRC
> Hatari does not emulated extended SCSI commands for such things yet).

With an ICD compatible adapter you can use any SCSI command with ACSI,
it only requires some more SCSI commands to be emulated.
What I was just wondering is why there seem to be problems with sector
numbers below the 32 bit limit.

> Files bigger than 4 GB have hardly been tested. I think I've once fixed
> most "fseek vs. fseeko" style problems, but there are likely some bugs
> still lurking around.

Yes, I remember the fseeko issue. Maybe I will have a closer look at this.
Just wanted to know whether there are any known issues.

Take care


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