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Le 17/10/2015 01:12, Nicolas Pomarède a écrit :
  - for ste 224 bytes, your image shows there should be no truncation,
this means that when shifting 8 px to the left for alignement, I should
fill the rightmost pixels with bitplanes' content instead of leaving
color 0. This should be possible to fix.

I'm adding all this on my TODO list, but don't expect changes too soon,
I'm busy with the CPU core at the moment ;)


the last 8 pixels of a 224 bytes STE overscan line are now correctly displayed.

This can be seen in the PCS example images, where 8 more pixels are show on each line.

Anders' test program now also shows the last part of the line.

This was a little more complicated to fix than expected, because it involves the left display shift created by the hi/lo switch to remove right border, but we must also take STE HW scroll to shift those missing extra 8 pixels (double shift in the end :) )

I checked the following DHS demos :

- Cernit : looks OK with the fullscreen displaying lots of distorted 3D "cubes"

- Drone : looks OK on the big "Drone" logo at start. But later, some effects show some bad pixels in the right of the screen :
   - image with an "exploding chest" has flickering extra pixels
   - the 3D objects made with stars leave some pixels in the right
   - the image before this 3D part also has some wrong pixels in the right
Anders, do you see this too on your STE ? Are those bugs in the demo ? (maybe it was only tested with an STE+monitor that didn't show the whole line ?)

- sh10 invitation : the DHS logo at the end looks good, the last 4 pixels are made with color 0, but this seems ok as this part doesn't use the 224 byte line but a 230 line from what I can see.

Let me know if some errors remain in some other demos.


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