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Le 18/10/2015 15:46, Troed Sångberg a écrit :
Btw, it's not "more or less" :) Whenever the resolution register is set
to mono the Shifter immediately stops outputting data on the RGB lines
and instead outputs on the MONO line. The RGB-pin's output level drops
to the same level as for BLANK (which on an ST is lower than black, on
an STE it's the same value as for black).

In theory this means that proper emulation should reserve a "blacker
black" for BLANKing and MONO use, on ST, but I think it would suffice to
just use black ;)

"more or less" was more in the sense "simplified explanation for those who reads this but don't care about the deep detail" :)

I agree that the switch to hi will turn rgb off and gives this "near blank" effect.

Actual rendering in Hatari has only notion of 16 colors, that will be displayed using current values. The idea would be to have an extra "blank" color (could be set to black, or very dark grey as I see on my STF) to show where mono or blank are used.

This would need an extra pass after converting from planar to SDL bytes format to alter the pixels and add blank pixels. I guess this will be the icing on the cake when I reach this point :)


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