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On maanantai 14 syyskuu 2015, Anders Eriksson wrote:
> yes it is OS X (see subject). The SDL UI bugs in Falcon mode, but with
> some fiddling I managed to hit exit there anyways and the same crash
> happens. It also crash if I press cmd-q hotkey as well. The same libSDL
> works in ST/e modes.
> But no, no other steps needed, just Falcon setting (the same with both
> CPU emulators). It's been like this a long time and I remember reading it
> on the list before as well.

Ok, I'm definitely not seeing anyting like that on Linux, so
it really is OSX specific.

If I remember correctly, it was possible to build OSX version
that didn't use the OSX GUI code, just SDL.   Does the crash
happen with that?   (I.e. is bug in OSX version of libSDL or
in the OSX Hatari code)

	- Eeero

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