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----- David Savinkoff wrote:
> ----- David Savinkoff wrote:
> > Hi,
> > 
> > Tested OK.
> > Hatari compiled with SDL2 on CentOS 6, Dell Inspiron 1525.
> > SDL2 is better than SDL1 on this laptop.
> > 
> > I'll ?attempt SDL2 on CentOS 5, 1GHz pentium3 in the next week.
> > 
> I succeeded with SDL2 on CentOS 5, 1GHz pentium3. Hatari runs
> almost as fast as SDL1. There are some occasional problems when
> I toggle the full screen mode (F11). I'll have to investigate further.

When I toggle SDL2 fullscreen <F11>, the mouse cursor gets repositioned
because of the different screen sizes. The mouse cursor doesn't always
get repositioned in a manner that I understand... probably in an
incorrect manner. This probably causes the host computer to change
'window focus' when changing the screen sizes; giving bogus coordinates
and wreaking havoc.

Here is a possible clue that makes a slight difference:


 * Set mouse pointer to new coordinates and set flag to ignore the mouse event
 * that is generated by SDL_WarpMouse().
void Main_WarpMouse(int x, int y)
	SDL_WarpMouseInWindow(sdlWindow, x, y);
	SDL_WarpMouse(x, y);
	bIgnoreNextMouseMotion = true;
//	bIgnoreNextMouseMotion = true;  ^moved up^  **NOTICE HERE**


Hopefully this info will be helpful. Note that this does not
solve the problem.

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