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Hello all,

after quite some time, I tried to build Hatari with SDL2 support.

Basically it seems to work, on my classic 4:3 TFT I get black borders on
top and bottom only now which is an improvement. Latest SDL1 build shows
extra black borders beyond the emulated ST borders here.

Keyboard and joystick input seem to work however I haven't checked all
possible configurations or use cases yet.

What about OpenGL support? Is this implicitly used as my build does not
link against any libGL?

However I found a few annoying points:
- a start of Hatari in fullscreen, I see garbage content in the Hatari
screen array for ST screen, shortly before the first screen content is
drawn. Is this a SDL2 effect/feature/bug for videomode change?
- Why do I have to explicitly mark "use linear scaling"? This should be
the default for SDL2 as  it is supposed to adapt better to the screen
mode and monitor characteristics.
- Besides marking "Use VSync" I get VBL ripple effects in the lower
border which are more prominent compared to the old SDL1 build. I had
hoped for more smoothness here.

Otherwise, I think the SDL2 direction is correct and should become the
default in the next major release. However I personally would not drop
SDL1 support as this allows to compile Hatari for legacy systems which
do not get an SDL2 port.



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