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Am Thu, 14 May 2015 14:47:40 +0200
schrieb Nicolas Pomarède <npomarede@xxxxxxxxxxxx>:
> But maybe we could also remove 16 bit output too and keep only 24 bit 
> full RGB ? I doubt many devices are not capale of 256 colors abd only 
> capable of 65536 colors.
> And in all cases, shouldn't SDL handle the conversion itself if
> Hatari outputs a 24 bit RGB image and the display device is only 8 or
> 16 bit ?
> Might be a little less efficient, but that's not even sure if the
> video card driver has some accelerated function to do this.

I've still got an netbook computer (Toshiba AC100) which I use from
time to time while I'm travelling - and that one can only do 16-bit
color resolutions. It also has a rather poor CPU, so doing the
32-bit to 16-bit convertion additionally would slow down Hatari too much
on that device. So as long as I've got that netbook, I'm still willing
to maintain the 16-bit convertion routines.


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