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Looks as if the fact there is a a folder caused AUTO with executable
files in it causes the problem. The files themselves are not the
problem, they have worked before, until the latest commits to the Hatari

This is what I see after the memory test:

Bus error lget at 200000fc
M68000 Bus Error reading at address $200000fc PC=$fa0192.
Exception 2 (fa0192) at fa0192 -> e0121c!
Closing 1 & unforcing 0 file handle(s) remaining at program 0x1e700
Bus error wput at 602e0304
Bus error wput at 602e0302
WARNING: too large VDI mode for TOS v3 memory detection to work
VDI mode memtop: 0xdd2600, phystop: 0xdf7e00 (screensize: 182 kB,
memtop->phystop: 150 kB)
CPU reset PC=e00040 (ROM memory)..
Exception 2 (e00486) at e00486 -> e00490!
Exception 2 (e02d5a) at e02d5a -> e02dda!
Exception 2 (e0161e) at e0161e -> e01624!

> Am Sun, 19 Apr 2015 19:07:35 +0200
> schrieb Uwe Seimet <Uwe.Seimet@xxxxxxxxx>:
> > And yes, I switched everything at the same time. I can test with
> > --trace later, but after updating my sources just now I get two bombs
> > after the memory test and Hatari is in an endless memory test loop.
> > This must have been caused by the latest commits.
> Then it's likely due to the new cartridge code. Can you use the
> debugger to see where it crashes? Could it be an AUTO folder program
> already?
>  Thomas

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