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Sorry - here is the full config:

* Falcon
* 68030
* 16MHz
* DSP = full
* FPU = 68882 (compatible, slower)
* 14MB ram

** RTC emulation
** blitter emulation
** cycle exact mode AND/OR prefetch mode
** 24bit addressing

The problems stop if I disable BOTH cycle exact and prefetch modes - which had always been enabled by default in the past (even if the later isn't really appropriate on Falcon). Either one will cause the compiled code to crash.

When disabling these settings, the emulated speed is nearly double the expected speed of a Falcon (but does appear to run normally). This is reflected in the FPS being 50-100% higher in most cases.

The DSP is not involved in the crash (it does get kickstarted via XBios quite early during setup, but isn't communicated with directly until long after all setup is complete - the crashes occur during data loading and game AI setup, much earlier)..


On 4 March 2015 at 10:21, Nicolas Pomarède <npomarede@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Le 03/03/2015 20:26, Douglas Little a écrit :
Ok, this is very strange. I found that disabling a bunch of checkboxes
on the SYSTEM page caused the remaining faults to disappear and the
project runs properly.

Narrowing them down, it appears that enabling either 'prefetch mode' or
'cycle accurate mode' (or both) will break my project. The other
checkboxes don't seem to contribute to the problem.

The main difference between this project and BadMooD is use of the FPU,
mainly within C code. I didn't see these issues with BadMooD.

Not sure if that helps make sense of whats going on.


just to be sure, what is your cpu settings when you get problem ? Is this 68040, 68060 or 68030 ? And what FPU setting do you choose in each case ?  (for 68040 and 68060, FPU will be forced to internal if it's != NONE)

does it always work in 68030 mode with CE or prefecth and crash only in 68040/60 mode ?


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