Re: [hatari-devel] Re: 040/060 emulation issue with Q2

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$0002808a : f23c 4538 4020 0000                fcmp.s    #$40200000,fp2
$00028092 : f29d                               DC.W      $f29d
$000280ce : f201                               DC.W      $f201
*$000280d4 : ff70                               DC.W      $ff70  <--


just to be sure it's not a disassembler problem, could you run hatari with "--disasm uae" and see if you get different results (or more coherent ones) ?  (Hatari can use UAE/WinUAE disassember or the external one)

I'll try that - however the emulator itself is throwing an illegal instruction on that opcode. The disasm is wrong in a number of ways - true (e.g. half of the FPU opcodes are show as data, and some have src/dst swapped), but not sure that can be responsible for an exception?

Anyway I'll see if the other disassembler can make sense of that opcode as you suggest. I tried the online multi-arch disassembler but it can't cope with FPU ops :-z will need to do it by hand otherwise.


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