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Le 11/10/2014 21:43, Eero Tamminen a écrit :

After comment on Atari-forum I checked the Hatari binary
packages (for Windows & OSX), and they all are missing
all the tools from Hatari tools/-directory.

Could this be fixed?

Tools written in C (hmsa & gst2ascii) should work fine on any OS,
so there shouldn't be any question about including them.

Python scripts need Python *2.x* to be installed on Windows [1], but
I think they should otherwise work fine.  "" script
is important new (documented) functionality in Hatari v1.8 that
Atari developers on Windows should also have access to.

Shell scripts need on Windows Cygwin [2], so they could be skipped
there, but I think the scripts should work fine on OSX as-is.

As to the stuff under tests/ directory, "keymap" is important
for any user writing his own keyboard mappings for Hatari,
and "natfeats" directory content is useful for developers
wanting to use Hatari (or Aranym) NatFeats.  Rest of tests/
stuff probably is useful only for Hatari developers.

Hi, I'm away for one week, but could you post a directory listing of what you think should be added to the windows / osx version ?

Maybe Troed will have time to update the OSX archive, as he provided the 1.8.0 for OSX.


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