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On sunnuntai 12 lokakuu 2014, Nicolas Pomarède wrote:
> Le 11/10/2014 21:43, Eero Tamminen a écrit :
> > Tools written in C (hmsa & gst2ascii) should work fine on any OS,
> > so there shouldn't be any question about including them.
> > 
> > Python scripts need Python *2.x* to be installed on Windows [1], but
> > I think they should otherwise work fine.  "" script
> > is important new (documented) functionality in Hatari v1.8 that
> > Atari developers on Windows should also have access to.
> > 
> > Shell scripts need on Windows Cygwin [2], so they could be skipped
> > there, but I think the scripts should work fine on OSX as-is.
> > 
> > As to the stuff under tests/ directory, "keymap" is important
> > for any user writing his own keyboard mappings for Hatari,

Note: CMake stuff for building & installing the SDL key tester
programs is currently missing.  That should probably be added
first and resulting binaries names prefixed e.g. with "sdl-".

Relevant files would then be:

> > and "natfeats" directory content is useful for developers
> > wanting to use Hatari (or Aranym) NatFeats.  Rest of tests/
> > stuff probably is useful only for Hatari developers.

Maybe easier for NatFeats stuff is just pointing in Hatari manual
to its directory in Hatari Mercurial repo.

> Hi, I'm away for one week, but could you post a directory listing of
> what you think should be added to the windows / osx version ?
> Maybe Troed will have time to update the OSX archive, as he provided the
> 1.8.0 for OSX.

On OSX everything that CMake "make install" installs, should
be included to the package (e.g. hconsole stuff going to
DATADIR/hconsole), except for the python UI stuff (as that
needs Gtk and OSX has its own UI).

I don't know whether these get installed on Windows,
so I'm listing them with the build directory paths:



	- Eero

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