Re: [hatari-devel] Crash with HD IDE->ACSI image change?

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On maanantai 06 lokakuu 2014, Uwe Seimet wrote:
> > I'll look into that, but could you provide exact steps?
> I just ejected my two IDE images, added an ACSI image and then rebooted.

I cannot reproduce this.

Hatari doesn't crash if I start it with:
  hatari --machine st --tos etos512k.img \
	--ide-master IDE1.img --ide-slave IDE2.img
  hatari --machine falcon --tos tos404.img \
	--ide-master IDE1.img --ide-slave IDE2.img

And then eject bot IDE images, add ACSI image, OK change & reboot.

Please provide more accurate steps to reproduce.  Having all
relevant parameters given on command line helps in
reproducing the issue.

	- Eero

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