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Le 04/08/2014 23:35, Anders Eriksson a écrit :


yes the statusbar is removed, but it's removing more than just the

As you write, your image is only 832x540 (that's 270 Atari lines) when
it should be 552 lines like in Hatari 1.7.0 (and earlier).

Without zoom it is even less; only 268 lines remain when there should be
276 like in 1.7.0.

But I found the source of the problem now. "Max zoomed win" must be
increased above 288/576 (I tested with 312 now) and then it comes back
to recording 276 scanlines video.

I was too dumb to realise that "Max zoom win" was not about the Atari
max size, but Atari + SDL interface max size. So to put good values in
the "Max zoom win" you need to measure the pixel amount of the SDL
statusbar with a graphics tool, add it to the Atari resolution, or
you'll get the wrong setup. Not the best case of a user friendly setting

So scrap the bug report, the problem lies with using
configurations/knownledge from previous versions of Hatari. Thanks for
looking into it.

Well, it's true it's not always intuitive. 592 gives similar results as hatari 1.7.0, but it would have been better if the height measured only the Atari's screen height, without counting the status bar. This way, adding 2 or 3 lines in status bar would not have required to change the max height value.

But current code works this way, and unless we change it to count in a different way, it's easier for now to increase the value in the UI.


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