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Hi David,

I use the following to reduce sound latency:
--sound-buffer-size 10
--sound-sync 1

Thanks, I will try this with my cygwin build to see if it has any impact. It might help with debugging the audio.

Which programs are good for trying Falcon sound settings?

TBH the problem I reported seems quite regular with my own program and Laurent has reported the same with his program - so my guess is it happens to all Codec-based audio replay. It's just a matter of luck whether you get correct sound or not. Around 80% of the time you'll get a result which seems ok, but only 50% or less it's actually 'correct' and glitch-free.

I say 'glitch-free' but I think there are some other problem which cause occasional gaps/clicks - I expect that is a separate thing. (I get the same clicks and gaps if I top another window in the host OS).

Some of the time the bug presents itself as some low level noise or chopping which could be dismissed as lowish quality samples - but it is not. Fiddling with the audio quality buttons causes the noise to either get worse or disappear. Sometimes you can't tell if the problem is present until you 'clear' it by doing this, because it can be subtle.

I think it affects everyone but is going unnoticed a lot of the time. It is more noticed if you are actively monitoring the audio quality of your own program, since the attention is more focused.

Occasionally the problem is so obvious though, it's not possible to hear the audio at all - just noise/garbage.

Interested to know if anyone can reproduce. I'll try to upload a sample program which shows this issue as soon as I am able.



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