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Hi David,

Please give me a few pointers on reproducing the problem.

I am new to the Falcon.

- which TOS version
- which Hatari Falcon settings.
- which software.

- TOS 4.04

- Hatari Falcon settings don't matter that much but it is compiled for WinUAE emulation core since that works best for Falcon emulation. The only settings which seem to be important are on the audio dialog box and this should be configured to 'synchronized' audio and 50khz quality.

- As for software - I suppose I'll need to provide a test build :)

The version of Hatari I am using is a Windows build from Christer Solskogen's FTP.

Note: I get similar problems with my own cygwin builds but there are additional problems with that environment which cause me to avoid it for audio development (typically a 1-second delay between audio events being emulated and actually hearing the sounds for those events from the host machine - probably an SDL buffer size thing thing)

I haven't been using OSX or Linux versions of Hatari recently but may try OSX again to see if it can be reproduced there too.

I may be able to test the microphone also.

You can try this minimally tested patch with what you are doing to
see what how well it works. If the patch works as good as no patch,
I would consider this as progress toward the solution.

I will try to set up a reproduction of the problem again using a cygwin build before attempting to patch and test here, since that is the only environment I can build Hatari for at the moment.


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