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Am Sat, 21 Dec 2013 17:33:31 +0200
schrieb Eero Tamminen <oak@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:

> Hi,
> On lauantai 21 joulukuu 2013, Thomas Huth wrote:
> > Since adding such an exemption is a major change anyway, I'd like to
> > ask all here who contributed to Hatari whether this change is OK for
> > everybody. Please read through the exemption carefully and provide
> > your feedback and concerns!
> I'm OK, with the intent, but the added text is a bit unclear.  In
> private, people can combine Hatari with whatever they want to,
> copyright concerns only copying/distribution of the combined work.
> I would also clarify what kind of modifications are OK for IPF.
> I would change the new text thus:
> > In addition, as a special exception, the copyright holders of
> > Hatari give 
> you
> > permission to combine Hatari with free software programs or
> > libraries that 
> are
> -> ...give permission to copy/distribute Hatari combined with...

Actually, that wording is the original suggestion from the FSF, see - so I'd
prefer not to change this if possible.

> > released under the GNU LGPL and with code included in the standard
> > release of the IPF support library (a.k.a. libcapsimage, see 
> > for more information) under the Software
> > Preservation Society Licence Agreement as it has been defined for
> > IPF library version 4.2 (linking against modified  versions of the
> > library is also allowed as long as the license did not change).
> -> it has been defined for IPF library version 4.2.  Linking
> against modified versions of the IPF library is also allowed, as long
> as neither the license, nor purpose of the library (accessing special
> format disk images), was changed.

Ok, that makes sense, I'll change that if nobody else objects.

> Question: should we add exception for any freeware disk image library,
> regardless of whether it has advertizing clause (like AROS and other
> old BSD license based ones have) or requires non-profit distribution?
> Or should we wait until there's support for next disk format?

No, thanks, I certainly do not want to have something like that in
Hatari. We should judge each case individually instead.


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