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On 22/12/2013 09:32, Jerome Vernet wrote:
Le 22/12/13 00:29, Nicolas Pomarède a écrit :

Now, we could consider some people who know how to build a Windows/OSX
or any other OS version and could host the resulting Hatari binary
somewhere as a convenience for users with no compling skill (this is
what Jerome Vernet does for example with his OSX build).
On macOsX, you can make a binary, linked with IPF Framework, and do not
distribute the IPF Framework. Hatari will not run without having
downloaded as a prerequisite the framwork.

But it's ugly.

Yes, having to download extra library later is not very handy, especially in the case of the capslibrary, which is rather specialized and not packaged in any distro that I know. An all-in-one package is always better for end users.

FS-UAE have IPF support and is ditributed wih the IPF library inside.
More ove, there is, in FS-UAE sources the sources of IPF library. I used
them to build a working framework for Hatari.

FS-UAE is in the same situation as we'd like Hatari to be ; but I don't see any text in FS-UAE to add an exception to the GPL2 to include capslibrary. From that point of view, I think the modifications Thomas added make Hatari more conformant to the GPL2 licence.


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