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I'm concerned about Debian, Fedora and other distro policies.

I believe the best way to do things is to leave the problem
to those that want the problem (and IPF).

It appears that the user Must download the IPF library...
Hatari cannot distribute it.

The user has the freedom to modify and compile Hatari, thus,
the only thing required is instructions on how to compile
Hatari with IPF.

Hatari must not be distributed with any IPF code or binaries.
Hatari must compile and run, by default, without IPF.
Hatari does not need any license changes or exemptions.
Furthermore, the modification to /hatari/readme.txt must be
reverted because it is not required and it is misrepresentative.

This is the easiest method. Otherwise Hatari-1.7.0 may be
the last widely distributed version.

David Savinkoff

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