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 Hi all,

Nicolas and I had a discussion this week, that we likely need an
exemption to our Hatari license statement, since the IPF library
license constrains the distribution of the software to non-profit
So I've added now some wording to our license statement to clarify that
we allow linking Hatari against the IPF library:


Note that this of course does not change the license of Hatari itself,
we continue with GPL v2, it's just that you also have to take care of
the IPF license when you link against that library and want to
distribute the results. (And before somebody asks: Yes, the GPL
allows such exemptions, something similar is for example also needed if
you want to link an GPLed program against the OpenSSL library, see
https://people.gnome.org/~markmc/openssl-and-the-gpl.html for details)

Since adding such an exemption is a major change anyway, I'd like to
ask all here who contributed to Hatari whether this change is OK for
everybody. Please read through the exemption carefully and provide your
feedback and concerns!


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