Re: [hatari-devel] Status of current dev version on OSX ?

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On 17/06/2013 10:18, Nicolas Pomarède wrote:
Le 17/06/2013 09:25, Jérôme Vernet a écrit :

- Hatari Help Folder/ has the same files as English.lproj/AideHatari/
and  French.lproj/AideHatari/ ; are all 3 dir needed ? This looks
like some duplicated files.
They are copy of the doc directory, and copied as resources in the
app. Should be translated also.

OK, but those files are already in the English and French lproj, do you
mean all 3 versions of those files are needed ? Isn't there a
possibility to use only those in English and French lproj to avoid
duplication ?


I had a look at the content of "Hatari Help Folder/" and it's really old, seems to be from Hatari 1.4 ? Does it really needs to be included in the HG repo ? (whereas html files from French/English lproj are up to date)


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