Re: [hatari-devel] Status of current dev version on OSX ?

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On 10/06/2013 07:41, Jerome Vernet wrote:
Le 09/06/13 21:08, Nicolas Pomarède a écrit :

the archive contains all the files, as well as diff_mosx.diff (same
files, but in a diff ?) and (same file, but zipped)..

Is this enough to just apply diff_mosx.diff to current dev tree, or
are there others things to do ?
Forget the diff file, it's an old file to be removed. The whole
directory may be updated.

There's also a tos.img file, I don't think it belongs to the diff ?

This TOS.IMG file is copied by my XCode project into the App bundle. I
should take it somewhere else. You can remove it.


I found other files that were not present in the HG repo until now :

- SDLMain.xib in English.lproj/ and French.lproj/ ; there were some SDLMain.nib/ directories before, but not anymore ?

- disk.icns ; is it needed ?

- Hatari Help Folder/ has the same files as English.lproj/AideHatari/ and French.lproj/AideHatari/ ; are all 3 dir needed ? This looks like some duplicated files.



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