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On lauantai 08 kesäkuu 2013, David Savinkoff wrote:
> How to reproduce this bug:
> 1) download
> 2) download the most recent Hatari from HG Tip.
> 3) build plain old Hatari v1.6.2+
> 4) delete directory ~/.hatari
> 5) execute Hatari,
>    press f12,
>    select: System
>    uncheck: Patch TOS for faster boot

Sorry, I had thought you meant fast FDC option, but above's the memvalid
patching option which has been discussed earlier on this list (around
Xmas 2011).

According to 2011 discussion, disabling fast boot causes problems with:
- the GEMDOS HD emulation
- VDI resolution mode
- TT mode

See stMemory.c::STMemory_SetDefaultConfig().

As to EmuTOS, without memvalid patching, EmuTOS versions upto v0.8.5 crash
on bootup, EmuTOS versions upto v0.8.7 have frozen mouse, but versions after
that seem to work fine.

>    select: Back to main menu
>    select: ROM, and browse for etos256uk.img
>    select: Back to main menu
>    select: Save config
>    select: Quit
> 6) execute Hatari and wait for cursor arrow to appear,
>    then attempt moving the cursor.

With EmuTOS 0.9.0 or newer, it seems to work fine.
I.e. I cannot reproduce your issue.

> 7) press altgr-r to reset Hatari; cursor is movable this time.

	- Eero

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