Re: [hatari-devel] 68030 MMU emulation, TEMPLMON

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> Sorry for the late reply. I think you may have misunderstood the message.
> PMOVE TT0,017E8107 PC=0041F1D0
> for example means, that the value 0x017E8107 is moved to the TT0 register.
> In the meantime the debugging output has been changed, so it should be more clear now.

I'm confused because according to the M68000PRM moving immediate values to
the transparent translation registers is not supported by the 68030 i.e.

PMOVE TT0,017E8107 PC=0041F1D0

is not a legal instruction. My assembler (the Easy Rider assembler) also
complains with "Adressierungsart nicht zugelassen" when I try

  pmove $017e8107,tt0


  pmove $017e8197,tc

works fine, and according to the PRM for the tc this addressing is legal,

The current debug output says

PMOVE: write TT0 017E8107

Either this is a misunderstandig on my side or something might still be
wrong in the debug output?

By the way, can you comment on my PRM (1st edition) reserving 6 bits for
the MC68030 FC registers? In one of your previous emails you mentioned
your copy says it's 5 bits, which is what I would have expected. Is
there a newer edition of the PRM available somewhere?

Take care


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