[hatari-devel] 68030 MMU emulation, TEMPLMON

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there are more issues with the PMMU emulation. When running TEMPLMON
(http://cd.textfiles.com/crawlycrypt1/program/compiler/tmpmn201/) after
pressing Ctrl-Help (for calling TEMPLMON) Hatari freezes. The debug log
shows this:

PMOVE TT0,017E8107 PC=0041F1D0
PMOVE TT1,807E8507 PC=0041F1D8
PMOVE TC,80F04445 PC=0041F1E0
PMOVE CRP,8000000200000700 PC=0041F1F0
PMOVE SRP,0000000000000000 PC=0041F1F8

The order of operands looks strange to me: TTO/TT1/TC/CRP/SRP are moved
to memory locations like $017E8107? Maybe something is wrong with the
debug output?

I think TEMLPMON, which is 68030 aware, is a good candidate for testing the
PMMU emulation.

Take care


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