Re: [hatari-devel] Release 1.6.2 in mid May

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 What about ST(e) machines, what values WinAUE config options:
  bool bAddressSpace24;
  bool bCycleExactCpu;
  bool bCompatibleFPU;
  bool bMMU;
should have for those?

Really, I think the hatari_falcon exe shouldn't be used for emulating ST(e) now, as it is really less compatible than the old CPU core.
We would need to merge all the patches and fixes Nicolas added to the old core before.

Anyway, I would say :

  bool bAddressSpace24, ON
  bool bCycleExactCpu: OFF
  FPUTYPE n_FPUType: maybe as it is on the old CPU
  bool bCompatibleFPU: I don't know
  bool bMMU : NO



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