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On keskiviikko 18 huhtikuu 2012, Laurent Sallafranque wrote:
> For the falcon parameters in the new cpu core, they should be configured
> like this :
> System :
> Machine: Falcon
> Cpu type: 68030
> cpu clock: 16 Mhz
> Falcon DSP: Full
> Cpu parameters:
> 24 bits addressing ON
> Prefetch mode, slower : ON
> Cycle exact, slower: ON
> Real time clock emulation: ON
> Patch timer-D: OFF
> Blitter emulation: ON
> MMU 040 emulation: OFF
> FPU:
> 68882: ON
> More compatible, slower: ON

Great, thanks!

(I only need to know the WinUAE specific things,
rest should be already handled fine.)

What about ST(e) machines, what values WinAUE config options:
  bool bAddressSpace24;
  bool bCycleExactCpu;
  bool bCompatibleFPU;
  bool bMMU;
should have for those?

> Atari screen: Show STE borders : ON
> (Shouldn't this one be renamed as Atari show borders (remove ST/Ste) ?

Other alternative would be to have separate option for Falcon,
but I think a common one is enough.   I can fix that too.

(I'm not sure whether I have time this week, maybe next.)

	- Eero

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