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I haven't finished to make changes in Videl.c

I thought about computing the different values of the videl (borders, frequencies, ...) only once when there's a change in one hardware register instead of after each VBL.
This would increase speed and give a more readable and cleaner code.

I'm currently working on removing all video.c calls in Falcon mode, and that's a big task. Then I add the HBL, VBL, videl timings, ...
Improvment will come later.

As I haven't got the time for now to make the changes you asked for in configuration.c and other files to set the correct winuae parameters for Falcon, and as you know well where to do the changes, maybe you could do them ?
(if this doesn't annoy you of course).



Le 09/03/2012 22:30, Eero Tamminen a écrit :

On perjantai 09 maaliskuu 2012, Laurent Sallafranque wrote:
For the warning, maybe we could display it only with a "debug" flag ?
After all, it only interrest us for emulation improvement, no ?
Or maybe display it once, inc a counter and reset the counter after each
change of resolution.
While these could work around that particular issue, first I would like
to know why screen resolution change function is call now for every frame
as it also impacts performance.

(E.g. according to Anders statusbar updates are a large performance
problem on his OSX version.)

I've also detected one problem with screenpain is a specific case : when
I try to parameter a specific resolution (I don't remember wich one),
resolution is set to 65536 and hatari crash.
Is it assert or crash?  Do you have backtrace?

I've seen this only with screenpain for now.

	- Eero

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