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On perjantai 09 maaliskuu 2012, Laurent Sallafranque wrote:
> I haven't finished to make changes in Videl.c
> I thought about computing the different values of the videl (borders,
> frequencies, ...) only once when there's a change in one hardware
> register instead of after each VBL.
> This would increase speed and give a more readable and cleaner code.

So the resolution change calls on every VBL would also most
likely be only a temporary measure?  If yes, then it sounds fine
with me.

> I'm currently working on removing all video.c calls in Falcon mode, and
> that's a big task. Then I add the HBL, VBL, videl timings, ...
> Improvment will come later.
> As I haven't got the time for now to make the changes you asked for in
> configuration.c and other files to set the correct winuae parameters for
> Falcon, and as you know well where to do the changes, maybe you could do
> them ?

Sure, no problem.   What are the exact WinUAE config options that should be
set for WinUAE core when user selects TOS4 or Falcon?    And what the
options should be when user select non-Falcon machine or TOS?

	- Eero

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